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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  May 30, 2011 12:15am-12:30am EDT

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at dulles, the same at baltimore airport today. so it was warm and it's still really mild. we're still sitting in that southerly air flow in place. 75 degrees at national airport, 75 gaithersburg, 78 hagerstown, 72 martinsburg, 73 at fredericksburg and baltimore 704 degrees. as we look up the mid at -- 74 degrees. as we look up the mid-atlantic, temperatures are cooler, but we'll see the heat of the south make its home into the mid- atlantic monday and tuesday and through the course of the week, but temperatures to the south have been into the 90s in the course of daytime highs even triple digits, but this flow will push its way straight up the east coast. we will be the been factors of all that heat. not only the heat, but also the gulf moisture moving up. so we'll end up being in a real human pattern. tonight we're seeing clear skies, the same into the next day or so, ridge of high pressure will be making itself at home. it will be hazy, hot and humid,
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a few storms and activity to the north of us. we don't have a whole lot happening until wednesday. we've got a cold front that will start to move in. once that cold front invades this hot humid air, we have a chance of seeing storms wednesday. until that point things will just be dry and warm. get ready for a heatwave. memorial day we'll be into the 90s and we get even warmer tuesday. we'll be low 90s monday moving into the mid-90s by tuesday. some people to the south could see upper 90s, but it's going to feel like 100 to 105 degrees because when you fact o in the heat and humidity, that heat indices starts to rise. we have a heat advisory in effect from noon monday until tuesday at 8:00 at night for this entire area. if you're heading to the beaches tomorrow, you've got great when. the air temperature will be in the 70s -- great weather. the air temperature will be in the 70s and 80s, but the water
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temperature will be in the mid- 60s. so hot and sunny as we move through tomorrow, your dayplanner, by midday about 88 degrees tomorrow, no shortage of sunshine, just a few clouds, but we want you to be safe and is enjoy the holiday. drink plenty water, use sunscreen, wear a hat. lightweight and light colored clothing, very loose as well, check on your elderly neighbors. don't leave your pets outside. leave them in the shade with plenty of water. keep them in where it's cool and make sure you do not leave pets or children in a car for any length of time whatsoever, very dangerous situations if you should do that. overnight patchy fog, mostly clear and warm at 72 degrees. for tomorrow we are talking a daytime high ranging anywhere from 92 to 95 degrees. that heat advisory in effect and then your five-day forecast shows you the heat stays right up there by tuesday at 95 and then we have a chance of some storms wednesday. >> like you said, be careful
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out there. thank you, gwen. a new organizational hows military vets to share their tales of survival. the organization is reconnecting the wounded warriors with civilians at home. fox's anita vogel has the details. >> i just felt like everything was -- like my faith wasn't going to be there anymore. >> reporter: marine gunnery target tony lino has a he story to tell, the story -- has a story to tell, the story behind his scars. >> i couldn't even blink because i could feel all the dirt and shrapnel underneath my eyelids and in my eyes. every time i blinked it felt like razor blades were it's canning my eyelids. >> reporter: works an -- were cutting my eyelids. >> reporter: working as an explosive detonator he's been injured five times and been in an explosion twice. >> i don't know if the public gets to listen to someone that's been in my shoes very often. >> reporter: lino now shares his experience with students and other groups thanked to
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tempered steel. the organization was created by army sergeant scott stevenson and his mother after the veteran was seriously wounded and disfigured in the iraq war. the wounded warriors tell their harrowing tales of survivor breaking down barriers in hopes that other injured vets will be embraced when they come home. >> it's about developing an ease of dialogue, foundation of respect and a union between the wounded warriors and our civilians. >> boom, my truck ran over a bomb. >> reporter: army infantryman j.r. martinez was burned on 40% of his body and needed more than 30 surgeries after his humvee ran over a landmine in iraq. >> this changed my life for the better completely. it's given me an amazing insight to life. it's given me an amazing despite to myself. it's ultimately allowing me to be a better son, better friend, better family member. >> reporter: martinez's message is also helping inspire others. >> he was really positive.
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>> the most important thing that it taught me was no matter what happens to always take the better in life that you can and move on with things. >> he's more like an idol. >> reporter: that's a mission accomplished. >> thank you, guys. i'm out. >> reporter: in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. boy scouts across our country are honoring our veterans this memorial day weekend, how they are remembering those lost in battle. soldiers serving overseas honoring american veterans, how troops in afghanistan are marking this memorial day coming up on the news edge at 11:00. 
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boy scouts across the nation are taking time out to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers marking each gravesite at the golden gate national cemetery with an american flag.
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fox's ken pritchett has more. >> reporter: on this windy saturday at golden gate national cemetery every headstone, every grave marker has a flag. >> good job. >> reporter: this morning more than 2,500 scouts placed flags at each of the 138,000 gravesites, veterans, many who served in combat. >> i respect and honor them and i -- if i were them, i'd do the same thlending these young men a hand is a man who has seen many a memorial day go by. >> i'll be here for 36 years. i saturdayed in 1975. >> reporter: pedro junio has spent more than half his life as a groundskeeper at this place of honor. he spends every day making sure the grounds are clean, that the grass is green but the last weekend in may makes him especially proud and grateful at the sight of every grave marked with the stars and stripes. >> this year the boys did it. i'm very proud of them. they come year and put every
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flag on every gravesite. it makes me happy. the boy scouts have planted these american flags here more than 50 memorial days and next year they will have more flags to plant. pedro says they have services almost every day, a casualty in afghanistan buried here just last week. much more than a grands keeper junio is a guide helping -- groundskeeper junio is a guide helping family find loved ones. this is where he will spend his memorial day as he has for decades. >> it's more important helping the public. the nation's next aircraft carrier will be named the john f. kennedy many memory of the 35th president. the -- in memory of 35th president. the nuclear powered ship will be built at newport news ship building in virginia. the naming pays tribute to the late president's service in the
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navy. this is the second carrier named after kennedy. that is one lucky bride to be. latoya picket and earl bell won the magic radio prize. listeners chose her from more than 1,000 contestants. she and her groom bet a free royal wedding gone with tiara and veil, a tailored tux, shirt and vest, wedding cake, limo and the bride and bride's maids get free hairstyling on her big day. congratulations. plans for the happiest day of their liers destroyed by tornado, their outdoor ceremony in ruins, but that didn't stop a bride and groom from getting hitched. fox's jacqueline schultz talked with the newlyweds about how they overcame devastation. >> reporter: family and neighbors hit here and the
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bride to be wanted this in the tornado shelter. >> my dress. i had all the bride's maid's dresses and flower girl dresses. >> reporter: the rings and marriage certificates came, too. after all, the wedding between these childhood sweethearts was four days away. >> i was like this is going to happen whether it hits our house or not. >> reporter: then the tornado ripped through blanchard. >> we said a prayer and about 10 seconds it was over. >> the first thing i saw was our stuff was gone. >> reporter: wedding tables and decor months in the making now ruined. >> that was where my dream wedding was going to be because it was at the house where me and mitch grew up. >> reporter: the tornado narrowly missed the home but destroyed the yard. >> the house was just demolished. everything was gone down the road. >> reporter: plans for this outdoor wedding were gone. >> we're so blessed that we still have a house and a family. >> reporter: mitch and holly's families did not give up on their wedding day. >> we thought it wasn't going to happen, but i was determined to do something about it. >> reporter: family and friends pitched in to make a country
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wedding happen in mitch's parents' yard. >> it's the wedding i wanted as long as i marry her. >> it's going to be something i'll remember forever. [ cheering and applause ] >> the news tonight is far from over. the news edge is starting right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. tens of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts rolled through the streets of the nation's capital for the annual rolling thunder rally. it's an annual event to call attention to veterans' issues, but this year as fox 5's karen gray houston reports, sarah palin may have stolen some of the thunder. >> reporter: they rallied outside the pentagon for the traditional ride to the vietnam
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memorial, only this year former alaska governor sarah palin, her husband and daughters bristol and piper, hopped on harleys and made a high profile appearance. what were they doing there? the one time gop vice presidential candidate was shaking hands kissing people giving autographs. palin said her family was there to express their gratitude to vets. >> not the politician, not the reporter. it is our vets. that's why we're here. >> reporter: one day after announcing plans to kick off a bus tour that's expected to end up in new hampshire. politics before a possible run for president? >> politicians will do what they got to do. i mean that's what politicians do. they got to get some attention. >> reporter: the thousands who come for rolling thunder each year don't want to lose sight of the real purpose. >> of year we've been supporting prisoners of war and missing in action. that is our major function of rolling thunder


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